In My Closet (Horror Short)

I have a friend… a friend that may scare you. I lived with my friend for a very, very long time. She lives in my closet and has been in there since I was a kid. No one believed me, that a creepy women lived in my closet. I grew up with this women in my closet, I grew up with a nightmare.

She was there when I left my room, she was there when I walked in my room. She kept looking with her eye, just barely looking out my closet door. She watched me play my first video game, she watched me get up every day, she watched me when I couldn’t sleep. Every time I left my room my spine would shake hearing her say “I see you”.

I’m seventeen and still scared of what’s in my closet but you take a look and say you’re not scared. She saw me when I lost my virginity in that room, everything about that night was special until I turned and saw her eye looking straight into mine. I cry most nights just knowing she’s there. She feeds on my to survive, she bites my leg and sucks the blood out.

I never told anyone she feeds on me because she told me “If you tell I’ll slaughter your family”. I never showed anyone my scars and I never told anyone about her after I grew up. No one has seen her but me, no one can find her. People think I’m crazy but I know what I see and what I see is a constant torment.

I got a video camera and decided to record what I went through for just one day. I wanted to show my parents I wasn’t lying and get that women out of my life. The day went normal until she had to feed, I dread this part with everything I have. I slipped my leg into the dark closet and feel her fangs pierce my flesh, I will always remember that feeling.

Later that night I sat my parents down in the living room and hooked up the video camera to the T.v to show them once and for all what hell was in my room. I watched the video with my parents but I saw no eye in my closet, I didn’t see anyone in my closet. I watched in shock as my parents started to cry and look at me with wide eyes seeing true horror unfold. I was the only one in my room, I was alone.

The recording showed me whisper to myself every time I left the room and came back. It showed me sit down in my closet and bite my own leg just to drink my own blood. It showed me staring at my closet for hours at a time saying “I see you”. My heart sank to the floor and my body felt hollow as I saw my parents just stare at me.

My parents got me a male nurse to look after me and a therapist to treat me. I know the women isn’t real now but… I still hear her voice. Even the pills that make me forget don’t stop her voice. Sometimes when I take a shower I can feel her hand cleaning my back but It couldn’t be her.

When I look into the mirror I can see my left eye change into hers. I know I sound crazy but I’m not… I’m not crazy. Nothing helps with what I deal with, no one came to save me. I’m alone with her inside my head forever, I’m in torment forever.


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