My Ghost Heart – Part: 1 – Save (Pokemon Horror Series)

Everything started when I was ten. My friend Dan had just built a tree fort called Rad Tag, and spent almost the whole summer on it. The tree fort was very high up and took us forever to get up there but it was worth it. we had a rope ladder going up to the tree fort but late at night in the summer of two thousand it all started.

We had a sleepover inside the tree fort and packed a lot of snacks and games to ensure an epic night. We hurried to the tree fort and sat down feeling the tree sway. Dan pulled out a white cartridge and said “I know you got a game boy and i don’t but my brother gave me this when he died… You have it”. I nodded at him and plugged the game into my game boy but before turning it on I closed my eyes out of respect for his dead brother.

I turned on the game boy and saw the game just had two options on it, new game or continue. I clicked continue since I was curious and saw a headstone on the screen. The screen typed ” Noah has died you can not continue… You can not bring the dead back to the living”. Noah was the name of Dan’s brother that had recently died, “I don’t know if I should play this” I said quickly.

“Dude it’s fine it’s just a stupid game anyway… just play it” Dan said then looked down. I looked back at the screen “You know a Pokemon game is suppose to be really fun… All the kids at school are talking about it but this will be my first time playing” I said. I pressed new game and the screen typed “What’s your name?”, I looked at Dan and said “Let’s put your name in since you gave me the game… It’ll be fun”. Dan nodded and I put his name in then the screen flashed with red and started the game.

The character looked like Dan so I went to how him but he wasn’t by my side, just a pile of clothes remained on the wooden floor. I slowly looked back at the screen to see it type “Help me dude! What’s going on! Get my dad!”. I went to run down the tree fort until I heard the screen ting three times. A grey box appeared on the screen typing “If you do that Dan dies and if Dan dies he will remain here forever… You will never have his body”.

I said “Bullshit!” and tried to run until I heard a scream come from the screen. I looked back at the screen and Dan was holding his bleeding shoulder. The grey box typed “I have dislocated and snapped Dan’s shoulder from the outside… You will play this game and if you win you can have your friend back”. I looked at Dan and nodded my head then the grey box typed “At any point in this game you do not save and Dan faints, He will die”.

The box disappeared and I asked Dan “Are you okay? What do you wanna do?”. The screen typed “I can’t use my arm but we have no choice… Let’s win this stupid game”. I got Dan some poke balls and gave him a fire type starter Pokemon. We ran through to the next town pretty quickly then the screen typed “I’m thirsty let’s get some water”.

I went into the mart and bought water but when I tried to give him something to eat or drink the game… wouldn’t let me. I could only give the Pokemon food or water not Dan. “I can’t give you anything man… I tried everything but nothing is happening” I said quickly. The screen typed “It’s okay I can go awhile with out water I was a boy scout”, “You keep reminding me” I said.

We got to our first gym and I saved right outside the door just to be safe. We fought Brock and lost very quickly then Dan fainted. The game put us right outside the front door again and I said “You ready for round two?”. The screen typed “We haven’t gone to this gym yet dude” and at that point I realized Dan forgets everything after a saved point if he faints, a complete reset.

I didn’t want to waste time and tell Dan what I learned and I really didn’t want to lose again. “We should train up our Pokemon and get them stronger before we face this guy” I said slowly. Dan agreed then we fought, and fought, and fought, until our lead Pokemon learned Metal Claw. We figured Metal would be Rock so we ran through the gym again and this time we won, we got a badge and left.

Dan looked tired and we agreed to take a break for our hard work, I saved and shut off the game. I walked inside to see my parents on the phone and getting ready to leave. They asked me where Dan was and I told them “He walked home a long time ago… His head hurt”. My parents went to go look with Dan’s parents for Dan.

I looked at a glass of water and almost drank it then I paused “No… If Dan can’t eat or drink neither will I” I said. I ran back up to the tree fort eager to see my friend. I turned on the game to see Dan in a corner shaking. Dan turned around then the screen typed “Don’t ever do that again… The ghosts… The ghosts come to take me away… They want to kill me, They know I’m not suppose to be here”.


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