This Creature Of Blood

“You and I aren’t so different” he use to say. Nothing was further from the truth. Our minds were different, our bodies were different. Chase looked at people not to watch them but to prey on them.

Chase was an awkward guy in high school and I was his only friend. I can’t say the people he slaughtered didn’t deserve it, they did more vile things to him then he could ever reach. See Chase had a girlfriend in our senior year in high school who use to be preppy but turned goth as disrespect to her old friends. The girl he dated turned him into something that had never seen the light of day, or the dark of night.

The girl walked Chase out to the woods one day after school to show him something, a sick trick. His girlfriend had a home less man there and wanted Chase to… eat him. She said “To prove you love me you must eat this man and then I’ll know you love me”. That day Chase proved his worth to her and created something that wasn’t a beast nor man but something entirely new.

Chase tasted blood and ate the meat of a human. He changed forever that day in the woods and felt himself slip into true terror. His mind changed, his bones shifted, his blood thickened, and his heart… misshapen. Chase killed and ate his whole school on prom night because she wanted it but she didn’t know she was raising a creature of hell.

Chase kept killing and eating because he couldn’t stop. Chase only ate humans and nothing else, everything else tasted like rotted food to him. His body would reject anything that wasn’t human meat and crave more and more for it. The creature was created, the animal was no longer chained, the apex predator has rose up.

Chase had become stronger than any human and could at last and beat any human at anything. Chase always looked at people in hopes of making them better but now all hope had died. He can’t die by any human form of attack but could die of starvation. The news said the killings were animal based and to stay away from the woods.

The newspaper said they found traces of tear gas and radiation around the victims wounds. Chase had tear gas and radiation constantly pumping through his veins and lived off of it. If He ever died and started to rot away… what would rot with it? As soon as his body decayed enough, tear gas and radiation would spread and I don’t know how far.

One creature can posses the power to start an apocalypse, the end of the world could happen in a couple of days of Chase dying. Chase ran into the woods and hasn’t come out since, I think his human side is dying but… who knows? He killed his girlfriend and dragged her body to the capital, tied up and torn but this was to say a message… a message no one would forget. If I have to ever choose a side and if that day comes soon… Kill me because I won’t go against my friend.


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