My Ghost Heart – Part: 2 – Hide – (Pokemon Horror Series)

This game had become dark and lonely. A simple night had turned into something greater and more terrifying then we thought. The night carried on as we ran from gym to gym gaining our badges and fighting lots of people along the way. Everything felt somewhat normal again until we got to Lavender Town, the ghost town.

“Do you believe in ghosts?” A little girl typed to Dan. Dan shook his head in agreement then shook his body in a sudden jolt. “I can see that hand on your shoulder” The girl typed then walked off. “I felt something trying to crawl up my back and vanish” the screen typed. “Are you okay?” I asked Dan, he shook his head in agreement.

We rushed into the tower full of Pokemon graves. Every floor we got closer to something terrifying, someone terrifying. I noticed Dan showed no fear when we fought ghosts, “I guess you got use to the ghosts you saw earlier huh?” I said. The screen typed “I know these ghosts are Pokemon they won’t hurt me”.

“Aren’t those the same ghosts?” I said slowly. “No the ghosts I saw were scarier and kept trying to eat me” The screen typed. I looked at Dan as I realized what he had exactly gone through and how his spirit must be heavy. We kept fighting to the top of the tower is silence, there wasn’t anything we could say to ease the mood.

The top of the tower was dark and had a narrow space leading us to two grave stones. A red box appeared typing “Stay with me… I’m so lonely… Won’t you join me?”. A character appeared to fight but this character had flesh ripping off of him and he was reaching out of his grave. We fought and barely won but the cost was not cheap, Dan lost an arm to the character.

I ran Dan to the Pokemon hospital and healed our Pokemon which in return put his arm back on. I threw myself back on my bed and tried to catch my breath, after seeing that my heart wanted to burst. We stopped for a second to calm down but the screen started to flash. I hid Dan behind a rock as a saw these spirits come in and kill everyone in Lavender town by ripping their limbs off.

I heard screams come out of my game boy and blood start to spread across the town. The screams stopped and the spirits eventually left, “Those… Were the ghosts” the screen typed. We ran out of Lavender Town and proceeded with fear still inside our bones. After that things went as smoothly as they could and we finally made it to the final four.

I saved the game and looked at Dan. “I can save you and I will… After this section we are done and you will be here” I said fast. Dan looked down and the screen typed “I think we can make it the rest of the way if I try my best”. My heart snapped as I really looked at Dan and saw his body weakening, his legs shaking, his mind dying. A tear rolled down my face as I started to walk Dan through the door.


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